Black Bear Hunting

bear 1The black bear is the most common bear found in New Mexico. The state record has come out of the Lincoln National Forest two years in a row, where feed is plentiful. This has created amazing opportunities for bear hunting.

With numbers high, New Mexico Game and Fish has increased the quotas. This is allowing for amazing opportunities for bear hunters. Western Outfitting uses two styles of bear hunting. We do what they call rigging for bear. This is where the hounds (from the top of the dog box) find bears that have recently crossed the road or are feeding nearby. The hounds are able to locate bears that we would have no chance of seeing without them. There are many good roads throughout Western NM that aid in this type of hunt.

The other successful way we hunt bear is on horseback. This method allows us to reach wilderness areas without road access. It also gets us to remote forests that other hunters can not reach. Being in remote forests increases the odds of finding that trophy bear. Either way you choose to hunt, a bear hunt is one of the most exciting and rewarding hunts to experience. Contact us today to book yours! 

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