Western Outfitting

lion6Welcome! We are one of the biggest hound hunting outfitting and guide services in Western New Mexico.

Seth Chase uses the traditional proven methods of hound hunting and western lifestyle. He is proud to specialize in taking you on a successful hunt and giving you the adventure of a lifetime. We have permits to guide hunts in the Lincoln and Gila National Forests. On the back of our mules, you will see country that most people are never lucky enough to see in their lifetime. You may camp in some of the most remote back country mountain mule camps in Western New Mexico. Our mule and hound hunts are some of the most exciting you will ever experience. you never know where the hunt will take you. It is the most rewarding experience when you follow our hounds into the wilderness to your trophy bear or cougar while on the back of one of our mules.


Mountain lion hunts are year around, dry ground or snow. Hunt for bear August through November. We use state of the art GPS tracking systems on our hounds. This guarantees the safe return of our hounds. It also allows us to pinpoint exactly where your trophy animal is. Join Seth Chase for a one of a kind, traditional, western hound hunting, mule riding experience.