Mountain Lion Hunting

There is probably no greater thrill than on the hunt for the majestic mountain lion. Also known as a cougar, this big cat is top on the list of many wild game hunters. Western Outfitting has years of experience tracking these cats with our specialty trained hounds which makes for an unforgettable hunting expedition. Our New Mexico hunts run throughout the year in dry ground and in snow – so don’t let that stop you.
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We hunt on private and public land across the most prime areas of the state. Depending on the weather and the terrain, Western Outfitting hunting is done using 4X4s, ATVs, or on horseback. Hunters can be accompanied by non-hunters to share the excitement if they so choose.

Book Your Hunting Trip

To learn more about our hunts or to book yours today, we encourage you to contact us or give us a call at 575-626-0885 for more information on your next lion hunt.