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lion6Hello and welcome to Western Outfitting, we are one of the biggest game hunting outfitter and guide services in New Mexico. We specialize in not only taking you on a successful hunt, but also giving you the adventure of a lifetime! I’m Seth Chase, owner, operator and personal guide for you and your fellow hunters. I subscribe to the traditional proven methods of hound hunting and western lifestyle.

Big game hunting has been my way of life for decades. I have tracked bear, mountain lions, elk and more across the Rocky Mountains, Lincoln National Forest, the Sacramento Mountains and the Gila National Forest. You won’t believe the wildlife, gorgeous mountain views and thrill you will get out of your hunt. You will see and experience country that most people are never lucky enough to see in their lifetime. You may camp in some of the most remote, back country spots in western New Mexico. That is what is so exciting about hunting with hounds, you never know where the hunt will take you. It is the most rewarding experience you will ever have when you follow these amazing hounds into the wilderness to your trophy bear or cougar.

You’ll feel the thrill and get your adrenaline pumping when you’re taking home the trophy you’ve always wanted. Our hunts are extremely successful and we have a great percentage of people who return to hunt different game.

Concerned about equipment? We use rifles, muzzleloaders, archery, and handguns, whichever you prefer. I am also very proud of our hounds which have been bred and trained to follow cougars and bear strictly by scent. We use state of the art GPS tracking systems on our hounds to not only guarantee the safe return of the hounds but to allow us to pinpoint exactly where your trophy bear or cougar is treed.

Our horses and mules are gentle and surefooted even for inexperienced riders.

We hunt year round, depending on the game and its season. I make sure that we scout your unit for several days right before your hunt. That way, we know your chances of success are at their peak and everyone will have the best hunt of their life!

I look forward to hearing from you,

– Seth Chase

Western Outfitters